Upgrade your system with Solarwave today

Solarwave are a specialist home improvements company that have a particular interest in sustainable products and building materials, that improve our impact on the environment. Sustainable global economic development requires reliable, cost-effective and quickly scalable energy solutions. Solarwave are committed to assisting residential and commercial customers to benefit from energy saving solutions. 



We believe that solar power is now a mainstream, viable technology of ‘today’ enabling the move towards a zero-emission power supply. We understand customers all have different needs and for that simple reason we offer a variety of different solutions to achieve the same outcome. A better more sustainable environment and cost saving opportunities for our customers.


Full visibility of your system’s technical and financial performance.

Access Connected Devices

Easy access from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.


Analysis tools with an option to schedule automatic reports.


Automatic alerts on system issues in real time.

Real Time Data

Remote troubleshooting and access to real-time system data and guided root-cause fault analysis.


Visualization of PV production, building consumption, and self-consumption.